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Biennial Liquor Licence return commences!

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) have advised AHA (NSW) that the 2012 Biennial Liquor Licence Return process has commenced. It is free and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete online.

By law, liquor licensees must lodge a return by 31 March 2012.

In the coming days, members will receive a letter from OLGR Executive Director Liz Tydd explaining the process and providing login and password details for each licence.

This licence return will cover the period 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2011 and will be used to enhance the accuracy of records maintained by OLGR. Information to be gathered relates to names, contact details, email addresses and information on patron capacity. This return will also collect information relating to holders of RSA/RCG certificates so OLGR can plan for the change to a card-based system in coming years.

A number of changes have been made since the last return was completed to improve the process – including the ability to save the return mid-completion should you need to source additional information such as the completion date of RSA certificates of staff, or patron capacity. Additionally, one of the questions relates to the date of your current hard copy licence. Those licensees with a printed licence older than 2009 will be sent an updated copy of their licence, to ensure you have up to date records. Please note, however, it is not an offence to have a licence that was issued prior to the new Act commencing, despite what at least one hotel has been recently told by police.

Prior to commencing your licence return, licensees should ensure they have the following information available;

• Copies of all RSA/RCG certificates for staff
• A copy of your liquor licence
• A copy of any former PoPE or Development Consent listing patron capacity
• Details of the current liquor licensing conditions applicable for your hotel licence

To properly service the 19,936 licence holders or for those licensees who do not have online access, OLGR will have a pool of customer service officers available to assist, by emailing or telephoning (02) 9995-0328.

Licensees are encouraged to lodge the return online – visit:
and look for the Your licence return 2010-2011 button which links to the login page. OLGR’s letter contains your login details.

Please note, before lodging, licensees should look-up conditions applying to their licence. Visit:    for conditions imposed by the liquor laws, and visit: for conditions imposed by regulators.


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